How To Unlock Promo License

How To Unlock Promo License

In today’s post, we will present the details of the license price in the MediRecord app as well as show you a way to unlock the discounted price of a lifetime license using promotional codes.

All information on the MediRecord application lifetime license price can be found in the Pricing tab. We encourage you to get familiar with the details provided there.

image Pic. License purchase path

Lifetime license in the MediRecord app

Tired of app subscriptions? So are we. That is why the MediRecord application offers a Lifetime License. There are no subscriptions, no regular commitments, or hidden fees in our app. You pay once and use all features without any regular commitment.

For our most active users, we have provided the opportunity to purchase a lifetime license at a discounted price. Promotional coupons obtained in our referral system are used for this. The promotional coupon is received by both the inviting person and the one who uses the invitation.

Just collect 2 coupons to unlock the promotional price of the Lifetime License!

image Pic. Reference code example

Invite friends to earn promo coupons

To invite someone to use the MediRecord app, go to the “Invite Friends” tab in the “Profile” tab. There you can find the unique referral code assigned to the user’s account. This code should be copied and then shared with your friends (e.g. via SMS, via social networks, instant messaging, e-mail or any other method). Every time someone uses this referral code after logging into theirs MediRecord account, the user who shared it will receive a new promotional coupon. Promotional coupons appear in the “Profile” tab, in the “My discounts” view.

image Pic. “My discounts” before and after introducing the referral code.

Receive an invitation

In the “My discounts” view, right after the first login, you will see a special field that allows you to enter a reference code received from another MediRecord app user. After entering the received code there and clicking the “Activate” button, one discount will be added to our account. At the same time, the person who provided us with their reference code will also receive one discount coupon.

A code received from another MediRecord user can only be used once. To receive further discounts, share your own code (visible in the “Invite friends” tab) to other people. Every time someone uses your code, you will get another discount.

image Pic. Promo license purchase

How the discount coupon is used?

It’s enough to collect 2 coupons to unlock the promotional price of the Lifetime License. The promotional price will be automatically unlocked and will be available in the “Profile” tab in the “Active license” view.

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