My Meds tab, part 2

My Meds tab, part 2

Today’s blog post is a continuation of the description of the “My Meds” tab. We will show you how to easily create and manage a drug dosing schedule for the whole family in the MediRecord app.

In the previous part, we described the functions of adding a drug to the list and setting its important parameters, such as expiry dates and more. For more info click here to check our previous post.


Dosing schedule

When our home first aid kit has been inventoried and all our drugs are reflected in the MediRecord app, we can start building drug schedules for our family. This is especially convenient when several household members are taking medications at the same time during the day. By using the MediRecord app, you can forget about laboriously labeling drug packages or dividing doses into specially prepared cassettes.

To start creating a schedule, select the drug to which you want to add a dosage, and then edit this drug by clicking the “Edit” button in the upper right corner. In the “Dose Schedule” section, a “Set Doses Schedule” button will appear. When you click it, a new editing window will open.


Times of day and doses

At the very top, there is the name of the drug to which the doses are assigned. There are four sections below, representing conventional times of the day for which we assign doses of the drug:

  • NOON

After clicking the “+” icon next to the selected section, it will be expanded. After expanding the section, you can select the exact time for which the dose is assigned. For example, for the MORNING section, the default is 6:00 am, which of course can be edited. The time selection for the dose is optional - it can be omitted by changing the position of the switch to the right of the hour display. Then the dose of the drug will be assigned only to the time of the day, without specifying the exact time when the drug should be taken. Below the time edit box, there is a dose description box. Enter there information about the correct dose of the drug at the given time, eg 5ml, 1 tablet etc. A description of the dose is required.

Confirmation of the entered dose is done by clicking the “Add” button. If you want to cancel entering the dose, select the “Cancel” button.


Save and edit

The added dose cannot be edited. If we have made a mistake, delete the dose by clicking the (x) button on the wrong dose in the dose list in the schedule edit, and then add a new dose as described above. When we have added all the necessary doses of drugs and the prepared schedule suits us, save it by clicking the “Save” button in the upper right corner of the editing window. We will be transferred to the drug edit view. If we want to finish editing a drug with a previously prepared dosing schedule, click “Save” (in the upper right corner) once again - our dosing schedule has been assigned to the drug.

Saving the schedule itself, and then exiting the drug editing without saving the drug will result in the loss of the schedule. To make sure that a schedule is assigned to a drug, first save the schedule and then save the drug.

The activity of adding / editing the schedule should be repeated for all medications that are currently taken by our household members. All added doses will be visible in the full family schedule at the top of the list in the “My Meds” tab.


When is building a drug schedule unavailable?

Sometimes, in the details of a drug, we may come across a message that begins with the words “Dose schedule cannot be set (…)”. At the same time, in the medicine edit mode, we can see that the “Set doses schedule” button is grayed out and unavailable. This happens when:

  • the drug has expired, i.e. the expiry date has passed for the opened or closed package
  • the medicine pack is finished (marked as empty)

In each of these cases, on the list of drugs in the “My Meds” tab, these items will be in the “Unavailable” section (we encourage you to read the information on how the list of drugs in the previous blog post).


Schedule view in the list

After adding the dosage for all currently taken medications, we can return to the main view of the “My Meds” list. At its top you can see a slider with an assigned dosing schedule for the whole family. The colors indicate the person - the household member to whom the dose is assigned. You can also see the drug name, time (if added) and dose description. You can navigate in the slider view by sliding your finger to the right or left, thus checking how the dosage looks like for a different time of the day. After clicking on any of the doses on the schedule, you will be taken to the detailed view of the drug to which the dose applies.

If many doses are added for a certain time of the day, not all entries may fit in the slider view. A button labeled “Show all” will appear, after which you will be taken to the full dosing view for the selected time of day.


We encourage you to actively use the mechanism of scheduling drug doses in the MediRecord application. If you have any questions, just contact us via our Facebook, where we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Another post on the MediRecord application functions will appear on our blog soon. Follow our social media to stay up to date.

added by: MediRecord Team