App Log In

App Log In

In today’s blog post, we will describe in detail the process of logging into the MediRecord app for the first time. We will present the login mechanism, as well as show what to do in case of most common errors that may appear.


Login screen

When the MediRecord application is launched for the first time, the login screen is displayed with the following fields:

  • selection of the country prefix (area code)
  • entering the user’s telephone number.

When you click on the prefix check box, a list will be expanded with area codes for all countries supported by the MediRecord application. From the available list, select the country code in which our mobile number is registered and functioning. Then enter the mobile number in the field provided. The entered number should not be preceded by any additional + or 0 (zero) signs. After clicking the “Log in” button, an SMS message with a verification code will be sent to the provided phone number.

For example, if we choose the prefix +60 and enter 111222333 in the phone number field, an SMS message with a verification code will be sent to the following phone number:



SMS confirmation and reCaptcha

Starting the login process will automatically take the user to the SMS verification screen. In some cases, before going to the SMS verification screen, the reCaptcha verification is run. As part of this verification, 6-9 images are displayed along with a request to select those showing the element specified in the description (e.g. images with visible motorcycles). This process is required only occasionally in order to obtain an even higher level of MediRecord login security and should not be interrupted or skipped.

After few seconds (usually up to 1 minute), an SMS message with a verification code will be sent to the phone number provided in the previous step. It happens that the waiting time for the arrival of an SMS with a verification code may be longer. This is independent of the MediRecord app and may be caused by delays resulting from the cellular coverage of the phone or generated directly by the network operator.

The received SMS verification code should be entered in the field visible on the “Login - verification” screen, and then click the “Next” button. If the process is successful, we will be taken to the main screen of the MediRecord application. Each subsequent opening of the application will use the already created session and will not require another login. When logging in to MediRecord for the first time, a user account is created with a phone number.


Common errors

If an error occurs while logging in, check that all steps described in this blog post have been correctly followed. The most common causes of login failures are:

  • choosing a wrong prefix (wrong country code)
  • entering an incorrect phone number (e.g. preceded by the + or 0 signs)
  • selecting wrong pictures in the reCaptcha verification process or omitting (interrupting) this process
  • termination of the login process (closing the application) too early, before the arrival of the SMS verification codes
  • entering an incorrect SMS verification code

If a login error occurs, close MediRecord app, then reopen it and try the to log in again. In case of further problems with logging into the MediRecord app, you can contact our team:

added by: MediRecord Team