If it ever happened to you…


It’s been a long time since your last doctor’s visit, and you don’t remember all recommendations or treatment plan.


You are at the pharmacy and you can’t recall if you already have this medicine at home and if it is not overdue or emptied.


You were in a place or situation where you needed medical examinations results of yourself or someone from your family with you.


It’s difficult for you to plan future medical appointments or schedule all drug dosages.

At-a-glance medical treatment history

In the MediRecord app you can keep all medical and vaccination appointments (we call them Visits) for you and your entire family. Have an instant insight in the details such as prescription codes, diagnosis and medical recommendations, list of prescribed drugs and much more. MediRecord is a modern version of the family health organizer.

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All Meds dosage on one chart

Arrange your home medicine cabinet with the MediRecord app and avoid purchasing another drug if you already have it - you will save money and take care of the natural environment. Easily manage the dosage of your family’s medications, assigning individual doses to the time of day and to the person so that you don’t miss anything.

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Medical Examinations results always with you

Forget about flipping through the contents of binders in search of Examinations results from a few months or years ago. From now on, you can have them all at hand at all times in the MediRecord app, available in the form of photos and descriptions, well sorted, cataloged and easy to find. No more carrying a briefcase of prints to each specialist or taking it on a trip, your whole family Examination card will be with you wherever you are.

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And much more

Use the convenient view of the calendar or the list of planned events - upcoming Visits and Examinations. Search among all saved items with the help of the contextual search engine. Do not miss the fact that the drug has expired or the information about the finished package. Add the names of your loved ones and assign them colors to have better control over their health history. Take care of yourself and your Family with the MediRecord app.

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MediRecord app is available for download on iPhone or Android smartphone - simple choose the platform on the left, and you will be taken to the store. After 1 months free trial period you can purchase lifetime license.

No subscriptions, no recurring payments.